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Studying psychology will allow you to learn all about how the mind works and the link to social issues. Some of the common topics studied include: memory, psychopathology, eating behaviour, forensic psychology and attachment.

You will develop a number of different skills whilst studying the subject including maths, communication, research and handling data.

Psychology lends itself to a wide variety of jobs and many people who study psychology at a higher level go into a medical, therapy or education related job sector.

Many students who study psychology choose to study it alongside other science subjects or humanities subjects, e.g. history.

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Check out more than 800 other job profiles, the above list is just a selection of jobs where a love of psychology could take you, there will be loads more!

Jobs tagged with a leaf are green jobs that may be involved in producing goods or services that help to protect the environment and look after our natural resources.

Examples of apprenticeships that relate to psychology:

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Examples of degree courses that relate to psychology:

University of Plymouth

Plymouth Marjon University (St Mark & St John)

University of Bath

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