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The construction industry is one of the UK’s most important sectors. The range of jobs available is vast, covering traditional craft trades such as plumbing and carpentry, to managing large civil engineering infrastructure projects such as bridges and stadiums, house building, design and consultancy, and the professions such as architecture, management, and surveying. 

Studying Construction and the Built Environment gives you the opportunity to develop the practical skills and knowledge needed in a number of trades found on a construction site.  

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Jobs tagged with a leaf are green jobs that may be involved in producing goods or services that help to protect the environment and look after our natural resources.

Examples of apprenticeships that relate to Construction. 

Level 2 Bricklayer or Plasterer. Typical length: 2 to 3 years 

Level 3 Domestic Electrician. Typical length: 4 years 

Level 3 Installation and maintenance electrician. Typical length: 4 years. 

Level 3 Plumbing and Domestic Heating Technician. Typical length: 4 years. 

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Examples of vocational college courses that relate to Construction. 

Level 1 or 2 Specific trade eg. Plumbing or Bricklaying 

Level 3 T level: Building Services Engineering for Construction - This course covers construction areas such as electric installation and maintenance, plumbing or heating.

Level 3 T Level: Design, Surveying and Planning for Construction - This course covers construction areas such as surveying and design, civil engineering, building services design, or hazardous materials surveying. 

Level 3 T Level: Onsite Construction - This covers construction areas such as bricklaying, carpentry and joinery, plastering or painting and decorating. 

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Examples of degree courses that relate to Construction

Bristol, University of the West of England

BSc (Hons) Construction Project Management at UWE Bristol 

University of Plymouth

BSc (Hons) Building Surveying at Plymouth University 

Falmouth University

Architecture BA(Hons) | Falmouth University

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If you love this subject and want to take it forward, what else can you do right now? 

Watch videos 

Find out what its like to work in construction from students, apprentices and employees in the industry at 

Do a short online Future Learn course (some are free) to find out more about Construction - looks great on your CV too!  

Examples of courses on Future Learn: 

  • Diversity and Inclusion in the Built Environment
  • Designing and Building with Healthier Materials

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