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Studying drama helps you develop as an individual, with a group and also creatively.

You will explore and apply your knowledge of the process of creating and developing drama and theatre and also learn performance skills. 

Whether you prefer performing or being back stage drama can develop your confidence, communication and teamwork skills and if you are involved in planning or organising a performance then these skills can be useful in many jobs.

The skills you gain from doing drama can lead to careers such as performing arts, media, business, law, advertising, sales, hospitality and tourism. 

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Check out more than 800 other job profiles, the above list is just a selection of jobs where an interest in drama could take you, there will be loads more!

Examples of apprenticeships that relate to drama:

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Watch a short film on Drama and Music apprenticeships here.

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Examples of degree courses that relate to drama:

Bath Spa University

University of Bristol

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You can watch some great videos of people who are working in jobs that use drama on Careerpilot or on the BBC Bitesize website.

Do a free, short, online course to find out more about drama (looks great on your CV too!)

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