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Through studying science you will receive a broad knowledge of biology, chemistry and physics topics. 

From learning about the human body, to chemical equations to energy processes science is a subject that is hugely varied.

Whilst studying science you will develop your maths, data handling, research, practical and communication skills.

There is a vast array of scientific careers that are available to science students with many people following a career in research, medical, education, technology or business job sectors.

As technology continues to change in the future there will always be a high demand for talented scientists. 

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Examples of apprenticeships that relate to science:

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Examples of degree courses that relate to science:

Bournemouth University

Hartpury University

University of Oxford

 University of Southampton

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BBC Bitesize Career Videos

You can watch a great series of videos of young people who are working in jobs that use science on the BBC Bitesize website.

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