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Quizzes that match your skills and interests to jobs

There are quite a few quizzes available that will ask you lots of questions and from your results suggest jobs that might suit you or identify strengths you have.


These can be fun to do and will help you find out more about lots of jobs that might suit you. But be aware, the quizzes are just to help you start thinking about what is important to you, and the results are just a suggestion of things you might find interesting, so take the results as a guide rather than a perfect fit!

You will need to explore the suggested jobs in detail to really see if they are what you want.

Do the icould buzz quiz which is a fun way to, in under five minutes, discover your strengths and get an idea of a few job areas that might suit you.

Do the Prospects quiz which takes about 12 - 15 minutes. Answer questions about you skills, motivations and desires and get mapped to jobs that might be of interest. The Prospect site also has lots of job profiles.

The SACU Spartan test is an interest guide based on pictures which generates possible degree subjects for you. It also has a test to help you search for career ideas.

The Holland test is based on pictures and matches you to one of six personality types and a work environment that will suit you.