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Terms and conditions

When registering we ask you to provide your name, email address, postcode, school and year group. Careerpilot will keep this information safely in the Reporting Zone.

Before completing your registration, please read the information on this page and confirm that you consent to your data being used as described here by ticking the box at the bottom of the registration page. If you do not consent to your data being used as described, you can terminate your registration by closing the page and your details will not be saved.

You can access and change your details at any time by logging in to your account.

You can close your account and have your record deleted at any time by contacting

When you have completed the registration process you can add your choices and quiz results to your Career Tools. These will be saved for you and you can change and amend your choices at any time. The Career Tools are to help you explore and choose your future career choices. You can view or download your Career Tools report.

To see your information in the Reporting Zone your school/college will have to complete a Data Sharing Agreement confirming how they will look after your information and use it properly (schools and colleges are used to doing this).

If your school/college has completed a Data Sharing Agreement with Careerpilot they can see the information you have added to your Career Tools in the Careerpilot Reporting Zone, so they can help you with your plans. A ‘Careerpilot Password Keeper’ in your school/college will decide which staff can see your Career Tools e.g. your tutor. Staff with access to your Career Tools can also write ‘Adviser Comments’, usually when they are talking to you. You can see any Adviser Comments in your Career Tools.

School and college staff with access to your record can look at the Reporting Zone to see your Career Tools information and the choices you are making, e.g. about jobs, qualifications, etc. and also any saved quiz results e.g. from the Skills Map or Next Steps Quiz, so they can support you in getting the jobs and careers you want.

The Reporting Zone can also be seen by the Central Careerpilot Team, who need to see your information so they can transfer your record if you move to another school or college. The Central Careerpilot Team will also sometimes produce reports across a group of schools or students but they will do that without your name showing – so the reports will be anonymous. An example of this sort of report would be one showing what job sectors lots of students are interested in, so we can see trends.

There is another organisation that might look at your data called an NCOP. This stands for National Collaborative Outreach Programme. You might never have heard of them but they are funded by the government to help some young people find out more about higher education. There are 6 in the Careerpilot area, WIN, Future Quest, Next Steps South West, Study Higher, GROWS Gap and SUN. If you are linked to an NCOP you will have been asked to sign a form (and perhaps your parents too) confirming that the NCOP can look at your data.

If you are an NCOP student, your NCOP also has to sign a Data Sharing Agreement but can only see your information if your school/college has agreed that it can. An NCOP cannot see your email address but they can see your name, school, year group and your Career Tools information.