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Vocational qualifications

Vocational qualifications at 16

Many school sixth forms offer a range of vocational courses like Applied General Qualifications, and Cambridge Technical qualifications. 

Further Education Colleges offer a large range of vocational courses at all levels. 

By applying learning to real-life situations, these qualifications offer a more practical approach than traditional A-Level academic courses.

Different types of vocational qualifications

  • Vocational subjects - related to a broad employment area such as business, engineering, IT, health and social care. Previously called BTECs and OCR Cambridge Nationals, if they are at Level 3 these are now called Applied Vocational Qualifications. These courses are offered in schools and colleges.
  • Vocational courses - that lead to specific jobs such as hairdressing, accounting, professional cookery or plumbing. These courses are called Technical Level Qualifications [Tech Levels] and are offered mostly at colleges.
  • Apprenticeships - apprenticeships offer training for a job while working for an employer, alongside study for an associated qualification. You get paid as you learn.

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