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80% of all spending and banking is now online. It is no surprise that the vast range of careers in this area is growing.

From making sure that the online shopping experience runs smoothly right from browsing the site through to next day delivery!

There are three main career areas in online retail – those responsible for building and promoting the website, those who decide what is featured on the site and those responsible for ensuring that customers get what they have ordered.

Getting the site right requires top notch web designers and search engine optimisation experts. Keeping customer data and payment safe online requires highly skilled information security teams. Buyers and merchandisers have to analyse sales to predict customer demand. Logistics and supply chain managers are very important roles too as it’s important to be able to spot upcoming shortfalls and coordinate deliveries on a mass scale to thousands of locations across the UK, and the rest of the world.

Demand for warehouse space is expanding as we buy online and although some companies are using drones to pick goods for delivery there are still lots of opportunities in the warehouse for practical team players who can work to targets.

From creative, to technical roles to customer service and social media marketing there are roles for apprentices as well as graduates.

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