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Hardware and Network Jobs

Network jobs include installing, servicing and monitoring networks for a business. 

You will be working with hardware and software and fixing problems for customers over the phone or face to face. 

If you are practical, methodical and good at problem solving you could enjoy working in these roles. 

Technical engineers design networks and hardware such as routers, switches, multiplexers, and other specialized computer/electronics equipment. 

A technical engineer is the backbone of an organisation’s technology systems. 

Typical job titles. are; PC support engineer, cloud technician, hardware, networks or telecoms engineer.

Data Analysts are highly trained professionals who use software to produce reports and then analyse the results to determine what areas need improvement or who to target for a marketing campaign.

These digital data skills are used in all types of business. Other job titles may include business analyst, digital specialist, project manager.

Employer Opportunities

There are roles with all size companies including small, medium and national employers such as energy company SSE.

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