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Software & systems

What's this about?

Software is used in technology from computers, to phones to games, apps, or aeroplane navigation systems. 

All software has to be designed, developed and tested and there are lots of different jobs in this area. 

If you are a creative person with technical aptitude you could be a software designer. They design software for a specific function, working with the customer so they understand what they want. They plan the 'look and feel' and how the software works, often by sketching it out. 

The software developer then translates the designs into reality. Software development may suit you if you like maths, problem solving and have good attention to detail. Developers use programming languages to write software and also test it looking for bugs.

There are lots of jobs working in cyber security for banks and for government - building fire walls or even penetration testing 'hacking' their own software to see if there are any weaknesses. 

New jobs are also to be found in the energy sector and in artificial intelligence - this is where a computer replaces work that was done by people such as in a call centre.

Employer Opportunities

There are roles with all size companies including small, medium and national employers such as energy company SSE.

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