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Finding a job/experience

How can I explore the right job for me?

Job sectors and job profiles:

Use the Careerpilot job sectors quiz to find the sectors that might suit you. You can also use start with a subject you love and see where it might lead.

Careerpilot also has lots of information on job sectors with links to 100s of job profiles, which provide detailed information including: what it is like, key facts about the job market in the UK, how you can get in, types of jobs, case studies and useful links.

The Careerpilot Skills Map in the Career Tools will help you see what skills you have and you can then see your skills alongside the skills needed for a job by looking at a job profile.

You can also see more than 1000 video stories of people talking about jobs/courses/training. You can choose a qualification, subject or jobs and see videos that explain more.

If you need more details about a job sector you can find out which Sector Skills Council is responsible for the job sector you are interested in by following this link, which shows all 22 Skills Sector Councils and the employment areas they cover.

The Sector Skills Council’s websites often provide detailed information on the qualifications they are looking for and also the opportunities available in that sector.

Links to job vacancy sites

In every Careerpilot job sector there is a 'useful links' page with lots more sites with vacancies that link to a specific job sector.

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