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Finding a job/experience

What to expect from virtual work experience

A lot of work experience is now being offered as a virtual experience - that is online, with no actual visits to work places.

Not quite the same experience perhaps but there is still a lot you can get out of a virtual opportunity.

In fact, going virtual could mean your work experience opportunities are world wide!

What might be involved?

  • Might involve virtual tours of a workplace
  • Could mean speaking online to employees about their jobs.
  • Could mean being set a task to do.

How do I find one?

Preparing for Virtual Work Experience:

  • Before you start looking for virtual work experience start to think about what you have to offer and what job sector you would like to work in. Careerpilot's 'Start with you' section would be a good place to start, do the Skills Profile to find out your skills and the Job Sector Quiz to find out a sector that might suit you.
  • You might want to put together a CV that you can attach to any email request you make to an employer Barclays Lifeskills has a CV Builder which can be downloaded as a Word document and there are lots of CV templates available online - but be aware many charge - just at the end when you have done all the work! 
  • You might well have to make contact with employers by email to ask if they will offer you a placement. 
  • The employer might then want to have an online chat/interview with you using meeting software such as Teams or Zoom. Make sure your parents or teachers are in the room or nearby if you do have to do this and consider just doing audio and not video. It is important to ensure this is done safely and that an adult is aware of this meeting. Talk to someone in school who is responsible for work experience about the best ways to do this.

Here are a few examples of online work experiences:

  • Stacey Dooley's 9-5 series - The 9 to 5 with Stacey Dooley. Series of five programmes featuring teenagers undertaking work experience in variety of settings
  • Rhod Gilbert's Work Experience - comedian Rhod Gilbert tries out various roles - on bbc iPlayer
  • Virtual Tours - Virtual tours of businesses and different types of employers 
  • Virtual Talks - Speakers for School have got a host of successful people giving talks on their jobs / careers - FREE to sign up
  • Barclays Life Skills are providing some virtual work experiences
  • Like to be - you can connect with and follow employers through the site. You can also build your own profile.

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