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If you have an interest in how people think and behave and want to use the study of psychology to help people improve their mental health you maybe interested in working in psychological therapies. 

One in four people will suffer from mental health problems at some point in their lives. This can range from mild conditions, such as anxiety, to severe depression or more rare and complex conditions such as bipolar disorder. 

Working in the psychological therapies, you could help people cope with problems as diverse as drug or alcohol addiction, eating disorders, family breakdown or bereavement. 

The psychological therapies include branches of psychology related to healthcare, such as clinical or health psychology. 

They also include a range of counselling and psychotherapy offered by IAPT practitioners. These jobs are relatively new – but they are expanding. 

There are also other related therapeutic careers you could consider such as; art therapists, drama therapists, music therapists, occupational therapists, mental health workers and social workers.

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