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Spooks and James Bond present an entertaining view of intelligence and security. However, It is less about keeping cool in a shark tank and more about picking up cues from people’s behaviour, being good at using technology, managing risks and working within the law. 

Over 13,000 people work in the three intelligence and security agencies. 

MI5 is the UK's national security intelligence agency. They protect UK citizens against threats to national security including terrorism, and espionage. 

The Secret Intelligence Service [MI6] works secretly overseas developing foreign contacts and gathering intelligence to protect Britain. 

GCHQ gathers and analyses electronic information from all parts of the world. 

There are a huge variety of careers within these areas and they are keen to employ young people from all sorts of backgrounds. 

Useful skills include communication, computing and language skills. 

GCHQ have recruited school leavers for degree apprenticeships recently and all the services are expanding. 

There are other protective security roles such as working in HMS Prison service, HM Customs or working as a private security officer or in close protection.

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