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Lawyers perform a valuable role, especially as law is intertwined with every aspect of our society - from the age at which you can take your driving test to the speed at which you can drive when you pass it; from the minimum wage you can expect to earn in a new job to the rights you have if someone doesn’t treat you in the way the law states they should. 

In the past there were two main careers in law - solicitors and barristers. Now there are many different careers and also more opportunities to progress. 

For example now you could be working as an apprentice in a law firm and work your way up to paralegal or chartered legal executives and then to being a solicitor. 

There are at least 8 different types of specialisms within law. 

Your day to day life in law will be totally different depending on which area of law you work in. For instance a criminal lawyer’s job will be totally different to a lawyer dealing with divorce or one dealing with business or commercial law. 

Communication skills are vital in this career.

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