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Your choices at 18

University level course

Choosing higher education at 18/19 

Many 18 or 19 year-olds choose to go to university (higher education) after school or college. The proportion of young people going on to higher education has increased from one in eight in 1980 to well over one in three now. 

There are lots of different types of higher-education level courses available. Higher education means any sort of nationally recognised qualification which is at Level 4 or above (A Levels, BTEC Level 3, Tech Levels and Advanced Apprenticeships are all Level 3 qualifications). A degree starts at Level 4 and progresses to Level 6 in the third year.

Although in the past higher-education courses were just delivered at universities, they are now offered at universities, colleges and also some training providers too.

So, if you have Level 3 qualifications you could explore higher-level study at 18/19.

Getting a degree without debt!

Students now have to apply for a government loan to pay for tuition fees (£9,250+ a year for some courses).

Read more about loans and financial support for Higher Education here.

If the idea of taking out a loan for your university course is putting you off, then there are other ways to get a degree with financial support; through an employer-sponsored degree; a Higher Apprenticeship or Degree Apprenticeship; or with reduced fees through The Open University - where you can study part-time alongside work.

Information to help you explore higher education:

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