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What is the process of applying to Oxbridge?

Applying to the universities of Oxford or Cambridge (Oxbridge) is slightly different to applying to any other university. 

Due to their prestigious reputations and high entry requirements some students can be put off from applying, but in recent years the two universities have attempted to dispel the myth that only certain students should consider studying there and in fact any high ability student is welcome.

It is true that applying to Oxbridge is hugely competitive and the minimum entry requirement for most courses is AAA at A level, but as long as a student feels that they are able to achieve high grades and is passionate about a subject then they should definitely consider applying.

The main differences between applying to Oxbridge and the other universities are that:

  • the UCAS application deadline is 15th October
  • you can only apply to Oxford or Cambridge and NOT both
  • All applicants will be required to attend an interview
  • Many courses require students to sit an additional test, dependant on the course. e.g. BMAT, LMAT
  • As Oxford and Cambridge universities are collegiate universities students apply to a particular college, which is where they will live and study. However, if they are unsure of which college they would prefer they can submit an 'open' application in which the university will select a college if successful.

Students shouldn't be too disappointed if they do not receive an offer when applying to Oxbridge. For example Oxford university interviews approx. 10,000 students on average and only offers 3,500 places. Students can still apply to other universities at the same time as applying to Oxbridge in the same way (up to 5 choices) and so if rejected from Oxbridge they are still able to receive offers from the other institutions.

Within a school / college there is usually a member of staff who is specifically involved with Oxbridge applications and your son / daughter should make full use of their expertise. They will help with writing the personal statement as well as organising mock interviews to better prepare successful applicants.

Applying to Oxford University

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