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How can I help my child on GCSE results day?

Results Day 2024 - Thursday 22nd August

Before GCSE results day, you can ensure your child knows what the arrangements will be for collecting their results and try to be around to offer support if things don’t go according to plan. If results are collected from the school then it is best to get there early. Careerpilot has some tips about preparing for results day.

Results as expected

If results are as expected and meet the requirements for an offer of a place on a course or training then it’s time for celebrations and recognition that all the hard work has paid off!

It is a good idea to encourage your child to confirm they will be taking up the course or training they have been offered and that they now definitely have the grades they need and to reject any other offers they have been holding, but have now decided against

Results not as good as hoped for

If results are not as good as expected your child might need to change their plans for September and possibly get access to some advice about what to do next. Hopefully your child has thought about and planned for this eventuality, but a sensible first step is to speak to the school or college teachers and careers advisers and discuss the possible options. It might help to look at the Careerpilot Choices at 16 pages.

Regardless of what your child plans to do next, if they have not achieved a Grade 4 or above at GCSE in English Language and maths, it is now a requirement they retake these exams as part of any future course or training until they are 18. They can resit maths and English in November (they cannot resit other subjects in November).

Many schools and colleges make offers where certain GCSE grades are needed to be able to enrol. If your child didn't get the grades needed, the best course of action is to speak to the head of the sixth form or to advisers at the college to which they have applied. 

Sometimes results don't feel right. If one or more of your child’s results are very unexpected and you think there is a strong chance that an error has been made with the marking of the exam paper you can apply for a remark. 

You can ask your school or college to request a review from the exam board.

More information:

Information and advice is available online, by phone or via e-mail from the National Careers Service

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