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Choices at 16

What are the top jobs of the future?

The world is changing and so too are the jobs and careers that are available for young people. It is estimated that perhaps around 60 per cent of the jobs around in 10 years' time have yet to be invented. It is crucial, therefore that students research their options with an idea of the type of role that they might be suited to in the future.

In 2014 the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) published research into the future of work and how jobs, and the skills needed in the workplace, will change by 2030. From this research local areas (LEPs) were able to produce Labour Market Intelligence (LMI) information to help inform people living in those areas as to how the jobs available might change in the future. There are links to this information in the A Job or Career section of Careerpilot.

As well as this, UKCES published a summary document 'Careers for the Future' that highlights 12 careers in particular, that are likely to undergo significant change due to increases in population numbers and advances in technology.

Although the types of jobs that will change is not 100% certain what is agreed is that the students of today will need to have qualifications and skills / training to help them compete in an uncertain marketplace. In May 2017 Universities UK stated that '74% of new jobs created by 2020 will be in occupations with the highest amount of graduates.'  Even more reason for today's students to be knowledgable about the oppportunities available to them now, and in the future.

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