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Getting in

Do you care about other people's wellbeing? 

Do you enjoy working with people? 

Are you keen to help people to improve their physical and mental health? 

Then a career in the wellbeing sector could be for you.

Key Facts

  • The wellness sector is a relatively new job sector and it is growing rapidly as clients seek a greater range of experiences and services to keep themselves happy and well. 
  • The number of gyms continues to increase with lots of low cost and also high end gyms being set up. The number of people holding a gym membership has increased to 10 million in the UK, so there is increased demand for new instructors and trainers.
  • The yoga and Pilates business in the UK continues to be very popular It is worth £812 million a year, so there is demand for new teachers and also there has been a massive increase in people wanting to wear wellness clothes - athloleisure.
  • Spa hotels are growing in popularity offering a range of massage, reflexology, aromatherapy treatments to help clients to relax and unwind. There are 5,700 spa therapists in the UK and there is a huge demand for more, especially in tourist areas in the UK like Bath and Cornwall where there are large number of Spa Hotels.
  • Psychological or talking therapies were set up by the NHS in 2008 to help people recover from depression. They have been very successful and have helped over 1.5 million people since they started. They are continuing to need more psychology graduates to train to go into this new profession.
  • The government has approved over 1200 more spaces for people to train to teach mindfulness by 2020 as it has been shown to be a cost effective way to support people with long term mental health issues like depression.

Routes into this sector

There are various types of qualifications available at different levels.

This career sector is vast and diverse. There are lots of different ways into these careers and they will require different qualifications. Check out job profiles to find the best route in.

Wellness Careers in the NHS.

There are lots of therapist roles within the NHS including art therapy, drama therapy, psychological therapies, and physiotherapy. You can read about careers in this area by going to Health Careers website.


Many counsellors are self employed and there are a variety of qualifications and routes in to this type of work. It usually helps to have some life experience before you start training. You can read more about careers in counselling here.

Fitness and Yoga/ Pilates teachers

Many of these people are self employed. There are apprenticeships in training to be a  fitness instructor and personal trainers. The yoga and pilates training is offered by private training providers and you would need to pay to do the courses.

Spa Professionals - Massage Therapists

To train to be a spa therapist you can do a full time course at college. This maybe called complementary therapy and will include subjects like aromatherapy massage and reflexology. It is available at level 2 and level 3. Only a few colleges offer these qualifications.The Spa therapy qualification also includes training on how to run a spa such as using a floatation tank and water testing for the spa. It is important to stay up to date with new products and types of treatments in this area.There are level 4 and degree level qualifications in wellness and spa management.

Sports and Exercise Related Therapies.

There are different professional institutes for different types of services these professions offer. These institutes will set out and monitor the training for these careers. Most people working in these specific fields eg Sports therapy, sports and exercise science, physiotherapy will have a degree in this or a related subject area. 

Use the Course Search

Use the relevant search options on our Course Search to find college and university courses as well as vacancies for apprenticeships.

More help finding Courses and Training

Do a free, short, online course to find out more (looks great on your CV too!)

Futurelearn have lots of free, short, online courses that will improve your knowledge of this job sector and improve your chances of landing your dream job. Check out courses related to wellbeing.

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