Travel and tourism

Key facts

General UK facts

  • Around two million people work in tourism in Britain, making it one of this country’s most important industries. Tourism is flourishing and an increasing number of people are attracted to our historic towns and cities, countryside and seaside resorts.
  • 2016 saw a record £22.5 billion in overseas visitor spending, 2% up on 2015. This is equivalent to a spend of over £700 per second and 37.6 million visits from overseas, up 4% on the year before (Source: Visit Britain)
  • In the long-term this sector is expected to grow. Demand for people with degrees is expected to grow as there are expected to be 69,000 more managerial jobs over the next eight years.
  • Hours can be more flexible than in an office – many people work shifts. The work can be quite demanding physically, especially if you’re on your feet all day!

South of England facts

  • Enjoy England   noted four of the main visitor attractions in England were in the South West and that it is a popular destination for holidays with most communities having some form of contact with tourism making the area a major tourist destination. Visitors to the area spend millions of pounds and tourism creates thousands of jobs in the South West.
  • There is likely to be more interest in sustainable tourism, organic produce, adventure tourism and other forms of environmental tourism. The South West and Solent are well-placed for these developments.
  • Oxford is close to the world renowned Costwolds, an area of Outstanding Natural beauty with millions of day trips in a year plus over half million overnight stays.
  • Find out detailed information about employment in the West of England 2015 for VISITOR ECONOMY.

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