Public Services

What's it all about?

The public services mainly involve working for the police, fire and rescue services as well as the armed forces. If you think jobs in these types of areas suit you, then read on!

All of the careers available in the police, fire and rescue services and armed forces are in the public sector, which is huge. The wider ‘public sector’ also includes the justice services, local authorities, the education sector and national government. This could involve careers working for the local council, the civil service, local schools or colleges, or even the courts! For websites showing vacancies in the wider public service see Useful Links.

So remember, there are many job and career opportunities across a whole range of organisations in public services and many overlap with other job sectors in Careerpilot. So, for other jobs related to Public Services also check out Law and Politics, Business Administration, etc.

Although the jobs covered here focus on the emergency and uniformed services, there are many more support jobs as well as other professional careers that are needed in this sector.

The Careerpilot Public Services job sector includes jobs in the uniformed services:

  • The Rescue Services

  • The Armed Services

If you work for the police service, fire and rescue service or armed forces you’ll be joining thousands of other people across the country.

Rescue Services

In England and Wales there are 43 police forces covering the country. There are careers in investigation, ‘on the beat’ or civilian support areas.

The emergency services include fire and rescue services, ambulance services and HM Coastguard, which is responsible for search and rescue at sea. There are also many career opportunities in HM Prison Services.

Armed Services

The Army, Royal Navy and Royal Marines and the Royal Air Force recruit over 10,000 young people each year. They have a regular and reserve fighting force of around 187,000 people. There are also more than 250,000 people working for the UK-based Armed Forces – a third of whom are civilians. The Armed Forces are one of the largest providers of apprenticeships in the UK.

Apart from uniformed careers, a lot of these services also offer thousands of support jobs. These include administration and finance, catering, engineers, healthcare, ICT, logistics, mechanics, human resources, and medical staff.

Compare jobs you like and see if they are predicted to grow

To find out what you will earn in different jobs (you can put in up to three) and see other facts including whether this job is predicted to grow in the UK, use the Careerometer which is on the left of each Job Sector page (yellow box).

Is this a predicted growth area in the South of England?

The Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) have been asked to predict which job sectors will grow. This information could help you develop your skills and gain qualifications for specific job roles, sectors or particular places where there are likely to be opportunities. No growth doesn't mean there are no jobs but growth does mean there are likely to be more jobs!

The public sector has seen changes due to the downturn in the economy over the last few years and is not seen as a priority area for growth by the Local Enterprise Partnerships.  However there are still good career opportunities in public services, there will just be more competition for fewer jobs.

Oxford and Thames valley - There are no specific predictions or priorities from the local LEPs regarding this sector.

Solent -  There are no specific predictions or priorities from the local LEPs regarding this sector.

South West - There are no specific predictions or priorities from the local LEPs regarding this sector.

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