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Getting in

Do you enjoy working with people? Do you want to help create a safe and fair society?

Do you want to do something worthwhile?

Are you looking for a career that's a bit different, where you will face new and challenging situations daily?

If so then a career in law could be for you!

Key facts

  • The sector is more highly qualified than average, with 35 per cent qualified to A Level or higher education level. The main reason for the high qualification level is due to the high level of training entrants to this sector require.
  • The Justice sector employs 847,600 UK employees (including Legal Services), approximately 3% of the total workforce, across its major strands of activity, each with their own unique functions. The sector also has a large volunteer workforce who mainly support justice, policing and custodial care.
  • Law is the highest paid graduate job with salaries at an average of £36,000 approx. This makes law an attractive profession, and competition for training contract places is high; almost three times as many applicants for each available vacancy.
  • In addition to political jobs being available through national government there are also opportunities  through local councils, student unions, and more internationally, e,g, through the United Nations, etc.

Routes into this sector

There are various types of qualifications available at different levels

Many careers in this sector will require you to have a Level 3 or degree level qualification. Students with a range of degree subjects often move into law through additional study, e.g from history, etc. 

There are job opportunities available for people who wish to start their careers at an assistant level and the most popular route is through an apprenticeship. The sector invests heavily in supporting people to gain additional qualifications. A higher education qualification like a degree or Degree Apprenticeship will be required for some jobs in this sector, for example, barrister. 

Use the Course Search

Use the relevant search options on our Course Search to find college and university courses as well as vacancies for apprenticeships.

More help finding courses and training

Do a free, short, online course to find out more (looks great on your CV too!)

Future Learn have lots of free, short, online courses that will improve your knowledge of this job sector and improve your chances of landing your dream job. Check out the available courses related to law

Spotlight on: Legal services apprenticeship

Legal Services have been investing heavily in apprenticeships recently, with many legal placements opening up in some of the top law firms.

This market is regarded as one of the most competitive career paths to get into and an apprenticeship would allow you a foothold over the competition, providing a direct route into a well respected profession.

There are a variety of roles apprentices could hold depending on where you work in the legal sector. At an Advanced Apprenticeship level, you might be working in criminal prosecution, civil litigation, employment law, family law, property or working for private clients. Whilst, Higher Apprenticeships are currently available in commercial litigation, debt recovery and personal injury.

It is important to note that an apprenticeship in Legal Services will not lead to becoming a qualified solicitor or barrister, you will need a higher level qualification for that, like a degree and masters or you could do a degree apprenticeship, for example:

  • chartered legal executive Degree Apprenticeship
  • solicitor Degree Apprenticeship

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