Information Technology

Key facts

General UK facts

  • There are many opportunities for young people as two thirds of businesses struggle to recruit the right talent for IT apprenticeships according to the Chartered institute for IT in 2016.
  • Three-quarters of the whole workforce use ICT in some form in their jobs and this will rise in the future.
  • 1.2 million people work in information technology in the UK – around half work in IT companies while the rest work in other industries like manufacturing, finance, public sector and communications.
  • IT has one of the highest rates of self-employment in the UK – around one in four of its workforce is self-employed. And 86 per cent of IT and Telecoms companies employ four people or less.
  • Employers will be looking for maths and science GCSEs in particular. You need to enjoy working on computers – using lots of different software, not just the games.

South of England facts

  • Information and communication technology contributes to sustainable communities, reducing the need to travel for work and improving quality of life.  This is important in both areas of high population like Oxford and the Thames valley and more rural communities in the South West.
  • Although most businesses are small, many are at the cutting-edge of development.
  • Many businesses choose to move to the South West region because of the expertise of people at local universities.
  • The IT sector in the South West is based mostly in the north and east of the region - with nearly a third of jobs concentrated in Swindon.
  • Oxford has identified priority areas including digital and space technologies, which will fall at the cutting edge of Information and Communication Technology.
  • Find out detailed information about employment in the West of England 2015 for HIGH TECH.

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