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Money or finance businesses offer many career opportunities like working in a bank or building society, an insurance company, in the money markets (like the stock exchange), or in accountancy. Some careers in finance are definitely for risk takers, others for the more cautious, some are ideal for decision makers – and many have an advisory role. Job roles can involve being behind the scenes or dealing directly with the public, whether face-to-face, by telephone or e-mail. Competition for some jobs, particularly in the money markets, is also very high as the earnings can be very good if you work hard.


There are many careers available in finance across a wide range of organisations and sectors, at all levels. Banks and building societies provide financial services like insurance, loans, savings accounts and mortgages for businesses and the public.  Companies and individuals may have to think about investing some of their money – perhaps for a pension, or savings and there are significant numbers of advisory roles in financial advice, including tax advice and wealth management.


Accountants help organisations deal with their finances. They may work for several clients or a single employer and can work in both the private sector (industry and commerce) and the public sector (eg local or national government).

Compare jobs you like and see if they are predicted to grow

To find out what you will earn in different jobs (you can put in up to three) and see other facts including whether this job is predicted to grow in the UK, use the Careerometer which is on the left of each Job Sector page (yellow box).

Is this a predicted growth area in the South of England?

The Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) have been asked to predict which job sectors will grow. This information could help you develop your skills and gain qualifications for specific job roles, sectors or particular places where there are likely to be opportunities. No growth doesn't mean there are no jobs but growth does mean there are likely to be more jobs!

Oxford and Thames Valley - There are no specific predictions or priorities from the local LEPs regarding this sector.

Solent - There are no specific predictions or priorities from the local LEPs regarding this sector.

South West - Identified as a priority growth sector by a number of Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEP’s).  These include West of England, Dorset, Gloucestershire and Swindon and Wiltshire LEP’s.

Find out more about growth industries in the South of England.

Find out detailed information about employment in the West of England 2015 for Professional Services which includes finance.

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