Key facts

General UK 

  • The financial and professional services industry makes a vital contribution to the UK economy.  Many of the services it provides - ATMs, bank accounts, credit cards, providing insurance and mortgage lending  - are essential to day-to-day life.
  • These financial services also  support businesses as they market products and services across the globe and maintain a competitive advantage. 
  • In 2017 there were nearly 1.1 million workforce jobs in the financial and insurance activities industry in the UK, 3.6% of all workforce jobs. (Source: NOMIS 2017)
  • Financial services represents a large and important industry within the UK 

South of England facts

  • 78,000 people work in financial services in the South West. In the South East which includes Oxford, Thames Valley and Solent there are 130,000 working in the financial services sector.
  • Banking, finance and insurance are underrepresented in Somerset and other rural areas, but areas like Bristol and Swindon are important centres for finance and insurance and many people commute there.
  • Find out detailed information about employment in the West of England 2015 for Professional Services which includes finance.

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