Education, Training and Childcare

What's it all about?

Do you love sharing your knowledge? Want to make a difference to people? Do you enjoy working with (sometimes young) people? Don’t want to be stuck in an office all day? Love a particular subject? Have a teacher who has inspired you and aspire to be like them? 

The education and training sector is a challenging, rewarding and inspiring area in which to work. Many educators enjoy their work because of the satisfaction that comes from helping others learn about a subject they are passionate about, and helping people learn and develop.

Education and Training isn’t just about teachers. In schools, teaching assistants have a big responsibility, helping teachers to plan and conduct their lessons. They work with individual students and groups of all ages.

Education and training isn't just for young people. People of all ages often need training to get the qualifications and skills they need to do a particular job or to move on in their job. For example people  might need training on how to make a business greener, or to brush up on IT skills, or to get a certificate which they need in their job, like a food hygiene certificate.

This sector covers teaching and non-teaching staff in schools, further and higher education, and in non-school settings, such as training providers, employers, hospitals and prisons.

Increasing demand from working parents has led to a lot of additional early years care and education being provided and the qualifications needed to work in early years care are increasing.


Teaching related posts are available in:

  • early years/nursery settings
  • primary and secondary schools, both state-run and private
  • FE and HE colleges
  • community learning
  • work based learning
  • universities
  • hospitals
  • prisons
  • armed forces
  • professional bodies and training organisations
  • museums and galleries

Teachers also work as private tutors on a one-to-one basis.

Administration and support roles

These are many and varied, and might include

  • management
  • finance
  • administration
  • libraries
  • careers and welfare advice
  • educational psychology
  • IT and technical support
  • catering and accommodation

Other related roles

There are also education and training roles in:

  • school inspection
  • policy
  • administration at national and regional level
  • examining and marking

Compare jobs you like and see if they are predicted to grow

To find out what you will earn in different jobs (you can put in up to three) and see other facts including whether this job is predicted to grow in the UK, use the Careerometer which is on the left of each Job Sector page (yellow box).

Is this a predicted growth area in the South of England?

The Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) have been asked to predict which job sectors will grow. This information could help you develop your skills and gain qualifications for specific job roles, sectors or particular places where there are likely to be opportunities. No growth doesn't mean there are no jobs but growth does mean there are likely to be more jobs!

Whilst the LEP’s have not identified this as a specific growth area there will always be job opportunities in education as the population is growing and more parents need to work, meaning they require child care.  The Office for National Statistics (ONS) predicts a population growth of over 15% by 2030.  Therefore education and training services will always be in demand.

Oxford and Thames Valley: There are no predictions or priorities from the local LEPs regarding this sector.

Solent: There are no predictions or priorities from the local LEPs regarding this sector.

South West: There are no predictions or priorities from the local LEPs regarding this sector.

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