Education, Training and Childcare

Key facts

General UK

  • There is a fairly constant demand for graduates in teaching and there is a shortage of teachers in certain subject areas, such as science and mathematics.
  • There are over 2.9 million people working in education in the UK. (Source: NOMIS)
  • All these institutions also need administrative staff and are supported by other educational bodies whose functions cover areas such as quality and examinations.
  • Salaries are comparable to those of other jobs in the public sector and related professions.
  • Rapid technological change has raised the priority given to education with the expectation that this sector will continue to expand as the need for higher level skills continues to grow.
  • Many people start work in other sectors gaining in depth industry experience and then move in to education and training, to help develop the next generation.

South of England facts

  • There are a wide range of organisations across the South of England which need teachers and support staff.
  • In 2017 around 246,000 people worked in the education and training sector across the South West and 489,000 worked in the South East, which includes Oxford, Thames Valley and Solent. (Source: NOMIS)
  • With population growth new schools are being built so there are more jobs becoming available in education.
  • As nationally there are a shortage of teachers for subjects such as science, mathematics and languages.

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