Distribution and Warehousing

What's it all about?

Distribution is essentially the safe and efficient movement of goods and services from the source to the final customer.

Warehousing is the storage of goods and materials and the movement of goods on to final destination.

Nearly all the products we consume have passed through a distribution and warehousing supply chain. Roles in this sector are numerous and include:

  • Management of operations, distribution and transport.
  • Schedulers and planners involved in coordinating staff and goods.
  • Warehouse staff who select, package and prepare items for delivery.
  • Customer service to take orders, answer queries and be the public face.
  • Drivers and operators of all forms of transport – air and land.
  • Safety specialists to ensure those operating vehicles of any type are following Health and Safety regulation such as driving instructors and examiners, air traffic controllers and railway signalers.


The management of the flow of goods between where they were made/come from to where they need to end up e.g the customer, a shop, business, etc. These can include resources such as physical items (food, materials, equipment, liquids and staff) as well as abstract items, such as, information and energy.


Transport can be any method used to move an item from one location to another. Common forms of transportation including ships, planes, trains, cars, lorries, bikes, motorcycles.

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With less people buying from shops retailers are expanding and setting up large distribution centres to support the growing online market for goods. This means new opportunities to work in the distribution and warehousing sector. However, with the first lorries without drivers hitting our roads within the next year or so, these are likely to replace driving jobs.

Oxford and Thames Valley - There are no predictions or priorities from the local LEPs regarding this sector

Solent - There are no predictions or priorities from the local LEPs regarding this sector

South West - The Local Enterprise Partnerships do mention some aspects of growth in the area of Distribution and Warehousing.

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