Business administration

Key facts

General UK facts

  • Many people working in business administration will retire over the next few years – the sector seriously needs you!
  • In 2017, 3.25 million (10.3 per cent) worked in Administrative and Secretarial positions, making it the fourth largest occupational category of nine.
  • Over a third of Administrative and Secretarial workers are classed as working in the ‘public administration, education and health’ sector. The other sector that represents a large proportion of these workers is banking, finance and insurance.
  • This is likely to be because a number of financial roles fall into the Administrative category. Together, these sectors account for almost two thirds (64 per cent) of all Administrative and Secretarial workers.

South of England facts

  • In the South West the most recent large-scale data collection showed over 275,000 administration positions, an increase of 7,000 since 2015. (Source: NOMIS 2017)
  • In the South East which includes Oxford, Thames Valley and Solent the number of people occupied in this sector is 469,100, slightly above the national average at 10.5% of the population. (Source: NOMIS 2017)
  • The main employment sectors in the South are public administration including defence, education and health, which is proportionately higher than the England average, followed by financial, insurance, professional and related support. Retail and wholesale trade is the third largest sector, just above the national average.

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