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If you like the idea of working in an office, if you’re methodical and organised, enjoy dealing with paperwork and using office equipment, or maybe like working with numbers or money, a career in business administration could be for you!

Routes into this sector

There are various types of qualifications available: 

  • At 14 GCSEs in English and maths will help get you into this sector. Also, although not compulsory, if you know you are interested in this sector you could choose to do a vocational GCSE, such as Applied Business (if offered by your school). Your school might also offer vocational qualifications such as BTECs, OCR Nationals, etc.  related to this specific job sector.
  • At 16 you have more options, you could do A Levels,  which are general academic subjects or develop your knowledge and skills for this sector through an apprenticeships/traineeshipsvocational qualifications.
  • At 18 or 19 your options open further - you may wish to do higher education/university, with 8 out of 10 A Level students choosing this pathway and half of all BTEC National students. However there are other routes into your chosen career - through apprenticeships and vocational qualifications

In this sector if you were applying for junior support roles such as administrative assistant you might not need the highest GCSE grades but you will need a good standard of spelling, grammar and maths to get an interview for an office job. Employers will look at the standard of written English on your application form and CV.

However if you wish to take your career further most employers will expect you to continue learning new skills and take additional qualifications - some may expect you to study in your own time and pay for college courses yourself, others might support you.

You will find a good variety of apprenticeships in business administration and many courses available at a level to suit you in both Further Education and Higher Education.

To find out more about the qualifications needed in this sector visit the Sector Skills Council’s website: Skills CFA

Sector Factsheet

View/download a fact sheet about Business and Customer Service

Thinking about a degree?

Websites for vacancies in this sector

Check out these websites to search for jobs in Business Administration:

Office Angels

Total Jobs

Why not try a free, online course (MOOC) in this job area?

Future Learn have lots of free online courses that will improve your knowledge of this job sector and improve your chances of landing your dream job. e.g. The University of Southampton has developed a 3 week course about Contract Management: building relationships in business.  Click on the following link for more information.

Thinking about an apprenticeship?

If you're thinking about an apprenticeship the following websites advertise the most relevant ones starting in your area:



What skills do you have that will make you successful working in Business administration roles?

Why not complete the Careerpilot pre-16 Skills Map and see what skills you have to help you get into a career in this job sector.

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