Your choices at 14

To help you prepare for your future you could...

  • Look into getting a part time job when you are older so that you can refer to this in applications for jobs and courses - but be aware there are strict rules about young people working - find out more here.
  • Find out if your school provides an opportunity for you to do work experience in Year 10 or 11. Work experience will give you a chance to find out what work is like and will be something you can add to your achievements and your CV.

You could look at sites to help you explore your choices

Careerpilot Pre-16 Skills Map: Use this to start building up a picture of your skills and achievements. You can use this information to help you think about the subjects that fit with your skills and also use the information when you are applying for jobs and courses.

Careersbox is a video library with job profiles. It’s a good way to find out more about the reality of jobs in which you might be interested.

Future Morph is designed to show you just some of the amazing and unexpected places that studying science, technology, engineering and maths can take you.

icould has lots of videos of different careers.

You could do the icould buzz quiz which is a fun way to in under five minutes, discover:

  • your strengths and what makes you tick
  • get an idea of a few job areas that might suit you.

National Careers Service: Contact the National Careers Service helpline for teenagers in England and ask an adviser your questions about jobs, careers, learning or training.

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