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Vocational qualifications

Applied General Qualifications

What are Applied General Qualifications?

Level 3 Applied General Qualifications e.g BTECs, are equivalent to A levels. They are for students 16 - 19  who want to continue their education through applying their learning to a general job area e.g. Law, Creative and Media, and Business.

Applied General Qualifications allow entry to a range of higher education courses, either by meeting the entry requirements in their own right or being accepted alongside other qualifications at Level 3 such as A levels.

Many Applied General Qualifications are endorsed by employers and professional or trade bodies.

Who are they for?

Applied General Qualifications are for students 16 - 19 years olds wishing to undertake a broad study of a specific vocational area.

What Applied General Qualifications are available?

Applied General Qualifications include BTECs and OCR Cambridge Technicals.

Applied General Qualifications are available in a variety of vocational areas:

  • Agriculture, Horticulture, Environmental Conservation & Animal Care
  • Performing Arts, Art and Design, Crafts, Media & Publishing
  • Finance, Enterprise, Business & Law
  • Health & Social Care and Child Development & Wellbeing
  • Construction, Planning & the Built Environment
  • Engineering, Manufacturing Technologies & Transport Operations
  • Information & Communication Technology
  • Leisure, Sport, Travel & Tourism
  • Retail, Hospitality & Commercial Enterprise
  • Science & Mathematics
  • Sociology & Social Policy

Future for Applied General Qualifications?

These qualifications are currently under government review, and it is likely that many subjects will not be funded in the future once T levels are up and running. 

Applied General Qualifications as a route to university

When you look at the entry requirements for a particular university course this can be shown in terms of the grades needed and/or the UCAS tariff points required. Applied General Qualifications earn points for university just like A Levels. 

You can find out what UCAS tariff points you will get for different qualifications.

If you have a degree subject in mind, you can check out the entry requirements required for different universities.

If you are interested in a higher education course next or in the future, check out the Careerpilot section HE at 18 or later.

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