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In care/Care leavers

If you don't have any contact with your parents and are thinking about applying to higher education

Stand Alone
Stand Alone

Applying for Higher Education if you do not have any contact with your parents?

If you are not a ‘care leaver’ but you do not have any contact with your parents you may still be able to apply for student finance for higher education as an independent student. To be able to do this you will have to provide evidence that you are 'estranged from your parents'. This can appear a bit of a daunting process. However, Stand Alone is an organisation set up to support estranged students and it can provide you with the information and advice you need to support you in finding out what you need to do. They have produced up-to-date and useful guides to help you find out if you are estranged and also what you need to do to apply for the finance.

University contacts to help estranged students

Many universities realise how difficult it can be for students applying to and studying at university without the support of their family. It is worth getting in contact with the universities you are thinking of going to and asking what help is available for estranged students. The universities can also provide practical help with the student-finance process and also help you apply for year-round accommodation too. Standalone has produced a list of contacts for each university so that you can contact them directly to discuss any help you need.



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