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Year 11 - Online Session Y11 intending to study A levels

1. Watch the video that shows you how to use Careerpilot to learn more about your skills and how these can be used to find a job / career that would suit you.

Year 11 - Get ahead when planning for your A Levels

2. Download the worksheet that goes with the video. Once completed this can be emailed to your teacher / uploaded to your school's virtual learning platform.

Download: Year 11 Worksheet

3. Don't forget to continue to check out the NEW section called Planning for A Levels in a Coronavirus for up to date information on how the COVID-19 pandemic might impact your future choices

Instructions for changing account details for students who are moving to a new school or college

Please download the instruction sheet below that explains how to edit your account details if you are due to start at a new school / college

Download: Instructions for students who need to update school / college information

A short video to show students how to update their account details

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