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Careers that can help in a coronavirus crisis

Since early March 2020 the whole world has been setting up procedures and practices to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

We are all learning about which jobs are on the front line,the importance of social care, how scientists are trying to find a vaccine and how the army and others involved in logistics are trying to get the right supplies to the right people.

Maybe the current situation has got you thinking about a job that would be useful to have in this sort of crisis and maybe you are changing your career plans as a result?

Here are some of the careers actions you can take in lockdown.

Thanks to Mark Woodward, Independent Careers Adviser for sharing.

Download: Careers actions in lockdown file

Job sectors that have been particularly important since this crisis started:

Jobs we might not even have heard about before the coronavirus crisis

Why not check out one of these jobs

How job growth might have changed since the coronavirus crisis

Before the coronavirus there was national and local data showing how jobs were predicted to grow or decline over the next 10 or 20 years but now, with the coronavirus crisis, things might well have changed.

Do you think these jobs will grow or decline in the next few months?

  • Freight forwarder - Freight forwarders organise the transportation of goods and cargo around the UK and overseas. Predicted to decline 4% before the coronavirus crisis.
  • Airline pilot - Airline pilots fly passengers and cargo to destinations around the world. Predicted to grow 5% before the coronavirus crisis.
  • Food factory worker - Food factory workers make frozen, tinned, baked and dried products. Predicted to decline 10% before the coronavirus crisis.
  • Hotel manager - Hotel managers are in charge of the day-to-day running of a hotel. Predicted to grow 3% before the coronavirus crisis.

What other jobs do you think will grow and decline in the next 6 months to a year?

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