Degree Apprenticeships

What are Degree Apprenticeships?

Degree Apprenticeships are a recent government development. Apprentices will split their time between university study and the workplace and will be employed throughout – gaining a full bachelors or masters degree from a top university, while earning a wage and getting real on-the-job experience in their chosen profession.

Higher Apprentices are already able to study to degree level as part of their apprenticeship but Degree Apprenticeships will go further. They will involve a degree as an integral part of the apprenticeship, co-designed by employers to make sure it is relevant for the skills that industry is looking for.

A degree with no fees!

The cost of course fees will be shared between government and employers, meaning that the apprentice can earn a full bachelors or even masters degree without paying any fees.

See below for the courses that are currently being developed in the South of England area.

Be aware that quite a few of the new Degree Apprenticeships seem to be aimed at people already in work. However, there are some opportunities for school leavers. For school leavers, at the moment, there might be more opportunities through Higher Apprenticeships.

Who are they for?

As well as being suitable for school leavers as an alternative route to gaining a degree, the new qualifications are expected to strengthen the vocational pathway and be suitable for existing apprentices/employees looking to progress in their career.

Search for a Higher or Degree Apprenticeship vacancy

Look at the Higher and Degree Vacancy Listing February 2018

The Higher and Degree Apprenticeship Listing showcases thousands of vacancies from over 40 employers starting in 2018. You can apply for many of these apprenticeships and a place at university at the same time.

Degree Apprenticeships offered at universities in the South of England

Many institutions in the local area are working with businesses to develop Degree Apprenticeships. Here are some examples of the courses available: 

Buckinghamshire New University

University of Exeter

University of Gloucestershire

Oxford Brookes University

For information about apprenticeships at Oxford Brookes

University of Plymouth 

University of Portsmouth 

Southampton Solent University

University of the West of England 

The Open University 

The University of Winchester

See more information in Which? University's 'The complete guide to Higher and Degree Apprenticeships'.

View an infographic about Degree Apprenticeships produced by Success at School.

How to find a Higher or Degree Apprenticeship

If you want to apply for a Higher or Degree Apprenticeship (these are quite new so opportunities might be limited, but growing), go to Find an apprenticeship on the site.

Be aware that some employers will ask you to apply directly to them and not all apprenticeships are shown on To find out where else to look for an apprenticeship click here.  

If you are interested in working for a particular employer, take a look on their website.