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Ready to subscribe to Careerpilot?

How to do it, what you get.

Four Zones—to meet the career needs of different audiences 

Careerpilot is an award-winning, one-stop careers site for students, parents and teachers. Careerpilot has 4 zones. Careerpilot can be used by students from Y7 – Y13 and in colleges.

Careerpilot aims to help students develop career skills so they can manage their career decisions as they go through life. We do this through showing students the three-stages they can always follow whenever they make a careers decision. With tools they can use at every stage. The site also includes information and advice on all progression pathways.

Career Tools enable students to personalise their choices, save quiz results and build their report - which moves up annually and can be 'ported' to another provider.

Students can access their account until they are 21.

Free access to the Student and Parent Zones is available across the UK

Your students can access all the information in the Student Zone for free. However, if you are a subscriber, students will be able to add themselves to your school or college at registration (your provider's name will be added to the drop-down list) and all the data they generate as they build their Career Tools report will be available for you to view in the Reporting Zone. You will also have access to all the resources in the Adviser Zone (some are free but most need a Careerpilot admin password to access).

Parents have free access to the Parent Zone - which has answers to questions parents are frequently asking.

Download a flier showing what Careerpilot offers

Free access to all 4 Careerpilot Zones is available in some areas - the whole of the SW and some parts of the SE

If you are a school or college in the whole of the SW and some of the SE (not Dorset, Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, Kent or Sussex) then access to all 4 zones of Careerpilot and all associated web tools (apart from the Pathway Planner) will be free. 

The reason the site is free-to-use in this region is because 13 universities and 5 Uni Connect projects pay subscriptions to fund this.

Outside this area your school/college can purchased an annual subscription.

Do you already have a subscription?

Find out if you have access to a free or purchased subscription already for this academic year.

Costs of subscribing 

Which will give access to all 4 Careerpilot Zones - including the Reporting and Adviser Zone Members' Area, if you are not in the free access area:

NB: Costs for 2022-23 held at 2021-22 prices!

If you are outside the free-to-use area you can still access Careerpilot and all associated web tools, for an annual subscription (apart from the Pathway Planner which is an additional charge). In 2022-23 subscriptions will be £599 per annum (£250 for special schools), to use with as many students from Y7 - Y13 as you like. Please note schools in a Trust or Consortium will count as individual schools for subscriptions but a group discount may be available.

If you would like the 4 Zones of Careerpilot and the Pathway Planner, the full costs will be for 2022-23 - £799, (£350 for special schools).

Subscribing if you are a college

If you are a college and would like to subscribe:

You can subscribe in 2022-23 for £900 per annum (excluding the Pathway Planner)

If you would like the Pathway Planner to be included in your subscription, the full costs for both Careerpilot and the Pathway Planner in 2022-23 will be £1250 per annum.

Please note colleges in a Trust or Consortium will count as individual colleges for subscriptions but a group discount may be available.

What does a school or college get for their subscription?

  • Access to all the tools and resources available in the 4 Zones apart from the Pathway Planner (this can be purchased at an additional cost)
  • Your school will be added to the list so that when your students register they can add themselves to your school/ college and then you will be able to see all data and reports generated when they use the Career Tools - useful in supporting students to effective progression and to meet Gatsby.
  • All staff and career guidance advisers with access can add a record of their report, planned actions and career conversations to a student's account - this can be viewed by the student and any staff member with access to that student- so they can support students on the career journey.
  • The full Career Tools report and adviser/staff comments can be downloaded and sent to a parents/tutor.
  • Access to all our training webinars 
  • Access to great resources through the Adviser Zone Members' Area that will help with Gatsby - including subject specific resources for G4 (23 for KS4 and 23 for KS5), 5 week PHSE programmes for every year group, 20 minute activities to use in tutor time,  Hot Jobs in different formats for you to use, online lessons for all year groups, etc.
  • Access to the Super User process- schools/colleges can become Super Users by meeting 3 criteria and then they get extra resources and preferential access to live career webinars for parents e.g. choices at 16, 18, etc.
  • You become part of the Careerpilot user group and can contribute to how the site should be developed.

How can I subscribe to Careerpilot?

Get in touch with the Careerpilot Helpline, which operates every day in term time between 9am and 3pm or email

Download a flier that explains what you get if you subscribe and costs