Presentations to use with students

Presentations for short introduction to Careerpilot for different year groups

To teachers, advisers, etc.

Please find below links to presentations (with summary notes) which could be used if you are delivering a short introductory session about Careerpilot to students in an assembly, option choices session, in tutor time or at the start of an IT session where Careerpilot will be used. The presentations all show links to suggested 'Start Here' activities for different year groups, which are accessed on the home page. It will take students varying times to complete the 'Start Here' activities depending of what they are looking for. They could complete these at home if there is no computer time available.

The presentations could also be shown to a year team of tutors so they are aware of Careerpilot and what the site offers.

The presentations have been tailored to meet the needs of students in the different year groups.

Please adapt, edit use in whatever way suits your needs.

To view the presentations and the accompanying notes it is best to 'save' the file. You can then adapt it to suit your needs.

Key stage 3

Download: Presentation for Key Stage 3 students (Sept 2017)

Key stage 4

Download: Presentation for Key stage 4 students (Sept 2017)


Download: Presentation for Post 16 students (Sept 2017)

Worksheets and lesson plan for hands-on sessions:

In the Adviser Zone section you will find worksheets/lesson plans, etc. for different year groups to use either in school or as a homework activity.