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Post 16: resources and presentations

Post 16 resources and presentations

Presentation to use with post 16 students: Using Careerpilot to make your post 18 choices

A presentation is available to download that can be used with Year 12 or Year 13. It introduces the Careerpilot website as well as directing the students to a set of age appropriate activities that are on the Careerpilot home page.

The presentation can be used as a quick introduction to the site or in a 50-60 minute session with a whole group with students completing the suggested activities on a computer/tablet or mobile phone. The activities could also be completed at home. 

Pathway Planner Schools

There are two options:

1. If you only have one hour when students can be at computer then do the pre-guidance session, which includes a summary of options AND completing the Pathway Planner in a 50-60 minutes session. Use the Y12 presentation link here.

2. If you have more time and are using the Y12, 5 week PHSE programme (links below), use the starter lesson 1 presentation below and then, in lesson 5, use the 'Completing the Pathway Planner' Powerpoint (15 mins), which you can access in the Y12 resources below.

Download a presentation to use with post 16 students to show them how Careerpilot can be used when choosing post 18 options

Suggested activities for post 16, 5 week PHSE progs and tutor time activities.

Download suggested Careerpilot activities for post 16.. This provides a summary of activities for each year group and the topics covered in the 5 week PHSE programme for each year group. This also shows the reports that schools and colleges can access if students have completed the activities and the Gatsby Benchmarks which these activities contribute evidence towards.

Download: Suggested Careerpilot activities for Post 16

Post 16 PSHE Scheme of Work

We have developed a 5 week scheme of work to enable Careerpilot to be delivered in lesson time.

Click on the following link to access the scheme:

Post 16 Resources

All of the resources that have been developed for Post 16 students are available to download by clicking here: