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Online Treasure Hunt competition

Fancy a chance to win a £10 Amazon Voucher? 

Here at Careerpilot we are encouraging young people to use the website to find out more information about their future options.

By taking part in the online treasure hunt we are confident that you will learn something new about yourself, and your future aspirations.

At the end of the treasure hunt there will be an opportunity for you to enter a draw with a chance to win a £10 Amazon voucher.

Good Luck! 

Treasure Hunt Information - How to play

There are 4 tokens hiding on different pages within the Careerpilot website. By following the hints given in the clues you will be able to navigate the website and locate the 4 tokens.

Solve each clue to find the tokens and when you have finished you will be able to enter the prize draw.

Whilst you are searching for the tokens make sure you find out more about your future study and career options

Clue 1:

Molly loves keeping up with the latest hair and beauty trends and currently works in a hair salon at the weekend. She thinks she might like to do a job related to this in the future. Go to the job sector area of the website, click on the correct job sector for Molly and find Token 1 in the list of types of job

Hi, I'm Molly and I love finding new videos on the internet and copying the hair and beauty tips that the vloggers share. I'm currently deciding what to do when I finish my GCSE's but hope to do a job that I really enjoy.