NEW - Pathway Planner Tool: Information & Resources

NEW - Pathway Planner Triage Tool

With funding from a national Careers and Enterprise Company project, Careerpilot has developed an electronic triage tool model that will help staff in schools and colleges to prioritise personal guidance to meet individual student need. Following a pilot of the model in six schools the tool is now ready to be launched across the region.

The Careerpilot Pathway Planner Tool will allow staff to:

  •  Access resources to help students prepare for guidance
  •  Assess student guidance needs through the electronic triage tool
  •  Prioritise student personal guidance on basis of triage results
  •  Record bookings & write up results of personal guidance sessions
  •  View a timeline to evidence student need, intervention and progression
  •  Help meet the requirements of Gatsby 3 and Gatsby 8 (if guidance is delivered to all Y11 and post 16 students and delivered by a Level 6 guidance adviser)

The Pathway Planner Model

The Pathway Planner Model involves 3 distinct stages:

1. Students have a 1 hour structured, online, pre guidance session that informs them about their future options  and enables them to explore those of interest to them on the careers website - Careerpilot. Interactive resources and a video have been developed to help teachers deliver this session. At the end of the pre-guidance session students complete the Pathway Planner quiz, which is accessed through their Careerpilot account (within Career Tools), this asks them which pathways they are interested in and they complete 'quiz' questions to see how ready they are for their pathway. They get a red, amber, green score for each pathway and a pop-up to tell them they will all be getting a guidance session.

2. The Careers Adviser/Career Leader can then view a report of the pathways students are interested in and see the 'red, amber, green' score showing how ready students are for each pathway. This information can be used alongside other available school information to offer three levels of guidance according to student need. All sessions can be recorded within the Reporting Zone section of Careerpilot.

3. Follow up by a tutor/mentor or pastoral team can then be undertaken in 5 minutes to check that the student is on track (asking three questions). 

Both staff and students can view a 'timeline' showing triage quiz results by dates and all careers guidance interventions. This enables students to see their progression as they move to being well prepared for their chosen pathways.

The Pathway Planner process can support schools in meeting Gatsby 3 and Gatsby 8.

More information available through a FREE webinar:

To find out more sign up to a free webinar where a member of the Careerpilot team will describe the Pathway Planner in more detail and how it has been used in the 6 pilot schools to date.

Webinar Dates:

New Dates for the Autumn Term

20th Oct

Sessions run from 15:45 to 16:30pm

To sign up to either of these dates please click on the following link:

Special Offer - Reduced Cost to 'Early Adopters' and Super Users

If you would like to sign up and use the Pathway Planner model and tools, we are offering an ‘early adopters’ one-off cost of £299 is you sign up by September 2020 (£249 if you attend an introductory webinar or you are a Super User school). 

Costs might be higher for those that join after this period.

We are pleased to announce that anybody who attends the Pathway Planner webinar or is a Super User for the academic year 2019/2020, will receive the Pathway Planner and associated resources at a reduced one-off cost of £249.

This includes access to all of the following resources to help you use the Pathway Planner effectively:

  • Training (compulsory) and ongoing support
  • Lesson Plans, structured presentations for pre-guidance and worksheets to help staff deliver the pre-guidance sessions
  • Access to the electronic Pathway Planner Triage Tool that students use through the existing Careerpilot site
  • Access to the Pathway Planner reports in the Reporting Zone (DSA required)
  • Membership of a Pathway Planner user group to encourage collaboration and development of models and tools

To sign up to access the Pathway Planner for 2020-21, follow this link to complete the registration form, book training and indicate how you would like to pay.

For more information on the Pathway Planner please contact us: