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Skills to Succeed Learning Tools

Accenture’s Skills to Succeed Learning Tools: Equipping young people with the skills they need to get a job or start a business

Accenture’s online, free, flexible and customisable training tools are designed to help young people gain the combination of employability and digital skills they need to stand out in today’s job market. They are intended to be used by organisations (e.g. charities, governments, schools) to help them support young people to get a job or build a business.


Relevant, realistic training focused on building skills and confidence to choose the right career, find work and succeed. To watch a short video that introduces this tool click here

For tips on how to get started, see the advisor quick start guide here (access codes can be found in the webinar PDF below).


An engaging, collaborative learning tool focusing on digital skills for the workplace or to start or grow a business. To learn more about this exciting online training.

Digital Skills


Skills to Succeed Learning Tools


Accenture Skills to Succeed Learning Tools (PDF)

To find out more about the tools and how to get access to them, check out the webinar introducing the Accenture Skills to Succeed learning tools

This webinar covers:

  • Introduction Skills to Succeed learning tools
  • Skills to Succeed Academy demonstration
  • Digital Skills Programme demonstration
  • How to use the Skills to Succeed tools with young people
  • How to access the tools
  • Q&A

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