National Careers Service: Dorset

Future Skills Demand in Dorset - Understanding LEP Strategic Economic Plans

When pupils in Year 10 are encouraged to start thinking about their future career, they are effectively being asked to look 3 - 5 years into the future to discern the kinds of jobs available when they leave fulltime education.

With the prospect of Brexit restricting access to skilled European labour, the importance of nurturing the right skills locally to support the future economic growth and prosperity of the UK has never been greater.

The Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) has a published Strategic Economic Plan (SEP) which forecasts labour demand 3 - 5 years ahead, identifying key industry sectors for the county. Finding out about these sectors and the kinds of skills they will need will assist pupils in making informed career decisions.

The National Careers Service Supporting Inspiration team has produced an animated video and a series of fact sheets which explain the significance of the SEP and highlight the priority industrial sectors for Dorset.