How to subscribe to Careerpilot

How to do it, what you get.

Free access in the South of England

If you are a school or college in the South of England then access to Careerpilot and all associated web tools (apart from the Pathway Planner) is free.

You can check whether your school or college is in the free-to-use region by typing your provider into the school drop down in registration - home page top right.

The reason the site is free-to-use in this region is because 20 universities and 6 Uni Connect projects pay subscriptions to fund this.

Subscribing if you are outside the South of England

If you are outside the free-to-use area you can still access Careerpilot and all associated web tools, for an annual subscription (apart from the Pathway Planner which is an additional charge) of £450 per annum, to use with as many students from Y7 - Y13 as you like.

What is Careerpilot?

Careerpilot is a one-stop career website for students (11-19 year olds), teachers, tutors, Career Leaders, parents & carers and career advisers.

Careerpilot has 4 zones: Student, Adviser, Parent and Reporting.

The content of the website and tools are developed by the Careerpilot Team, based at the University of Bath. We are all qualified Level 6 careers advisers (Louise is Level 7) and some of us are ex-teachers, Career Leaders.

What does a school or college get for their subscription?

How can I subscribe to Careerpilot?

Get in touch with the Careerpilot Helpline which operates every day in term time between 9am and 3pm or email