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Home Learning Activities for staff

Presentation - An online lesson school/college staff - introduction to Careerpilot

We have put together a 30 minute online session so that members of staff can find out more about the Careerpilot website and how it can be used with young people and their parents. This includes a sample logon to the student area so they can explore the site.

Careerpilot: 30 minute online training for staff in a school or college

Download: Careerpilot 30 mins intro to staff

Career Leaders: Get ready for September - how Careerpilot can help you deliver Gatsby

Free Careers Leader 1:1 Consultations via webinar

A Careers Leader can request a free Careerpilot consultation.  

During the 1 hour consultation (which will be delivered online) a Careerpilot team member will explain:

  • What the Careerpilot site is and how it can support students, staff and parents; 
  • How Careerpilot supports Gatsby and the role of the Careers Leader; 
  • How to set up a plan to implement Careerpilot in your context. 

The session will also be an opportunity for Careers Leaders to view the whole suite of resources for PSHE, subject teachers and parents.

Request a Careers Leader consultation by emailing careerpilot@bath.ac.uk

*All sessions are free to all schools and colleges in the Careerpilot area (South of England).