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Gatsby Benchmark - Maps and Statutory Guidance

How Careerpilot maps to Gatsby and Careers Statutory Guidance

Careerpilot can be at the centre of a school/college's careers plan for Y7 - Y13.

Careerpilot is free to use in the SW and the Study Higher area as it is co-funded by 13 universities and 5 Uni Connect Projects.

It is also available to schools outside the South of England for an annual subscription.

Careerpilot can sit in the centre of a school or college careers provision/plan for young people from Y7 - Y13. Get ideas of how to use Careerpilot through the 'Getting Started' guide.

You can see suggested Careerpilot activities for each year group here.

Download: Activities to do in each year group Y7-Y13

It can also be a central source of information and support to the designated Careers Leader, teachers/tutors and parents.

Careerpilot offers a student site with information on the full range of choices at 14, 16 and 18 and information on 19 job sectors linked to 100s of job profiles which include labour-market information. The Career Tools enable young people to personalise and save their choices and record their learning from the activities they do, including from employer encounters or work experience. Their record moves up with them as they go through the school/college.

The site has a Reporting Zone where school/college Careers Leaders and other school/college staff can monitor the choices students make. The Reporting Zone can also be used to record reports from one to one guidance sessions/tutor meetings, etc. You can view a sample Careerpilot Student Report here.

The site also includes an Adviser and Parent Zone and a Reporting Zone (signed Data Sharing Agreement required).

Careerpilot maps to many of the requirements of the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks 

Careerpilot should be mentioned by schools/colleges when they complete the CEC's Compass Toolkit

We have an overview map showing how Careerpilot maps to the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks

A map showing how you can mention Careerpilot when completing your Compass assessment

A guide showing how you can use Careerpilot to help you meet each benchmark as part of a strategic plan for careers

To find out more about Careerpilot: