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Pathway Planner - a triage model developed through a CEC bid - is now available to all schools and colleges.

In 2018 Careerpilot were successful in securing a bid from the Careers and Enterprise Company to develop a new model of delivering personal guidance. Piloted in 6 schools in 2019-20 the Pathway Planner model and tool is now available for roll-out to other schools and colleges.

The Careerpilot Pathway Planner Tool will allow staff to:

  •  Access resources to help students prepare for guidance
  •  Assess student guidance needs through the electronic triage tool
  •  Prioritise student personal guidance on basis of triage results
  •  Record bookings & write up results of personal guidance sessions
  •  View a timeline to evidence student need, intervention and progression
  •  Help meet the requirements of Gatsby 3 and Gatsby 8 (if guidance is delivered to all Y11 and post 16 students and delivered by a Level 6 guidance adviser)

Find out more, free webinar and costs:

To find out more or sign up for free webinar training.

Watch this 15 minute video explaining the Pathway Planner

If you would like to sign up and use the Pathway Planner model and tools, the cost is £250 per annum, if you are from one of our 6 Uni Connect areas in South of England (WIN, SUN, Study Higher, Future Quest, GROWS, NSSW). The college version of the Pathway Planner is available for £400 per annum. 

Please note that schools and colleges who are outside our free-to-use area mentioned above will also need to subscribe to Careerpilot.

The Pathway Planner is a model and tools that includes an electronic triage tool that will help schools and colleges to prioritise student guidance, based on individual need.