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Careers and Enterprise Company PG Bid

Data results from surveys

Background to development of the Pathway Planner model:

In 2019-20 Careerpilot secured funding through a bid to the Careers and Enterprise Company Survey to develop a whole-school approach to personal guidance through a three stage model that triaged student's guidance needs, at three levels. This is now called the Careerpilot Pathway Planner and more details for non-pilot schools/colleges interested in finding out more can be accessed here.

The model was piloted with 360 Y11 students and 240 Y12 students and resulted in students receiving the following personal guidance sessions. In March 2020, the impact of lock down impacted on the project but most pilot schools managed to move guidance delivery online, and the project achieved all set targets. Over 80 schools will use the Pathway Planner in 2020-21.

The three levels of guidance:

Through the Pathway Planner project, students in Y11 and Y12 were offered personal career guidance according to need - at three levels, determined through the pre-guidance session and completion of the Pathway Planner.

For the pilot, students showing green received a 20 minute checking guidance session, amber received 30 minutes and red/additional needs/any student definite about apprenticeship/college received a 60 minute session.

At the end of the guidance session students were asked to complete a short survey. A different survey with similar questions was asked depending on whether they received red, amber of green guidance.

Summary data from all three post-guidance surveys

Survey data from each of the three post-guidance surveys - one for each of RAG guidance

Survey results for 83 students receiving the highest 'red' level of guidance of 60 minutes can viewed here.

Survey results for 67 students receiving the amber level of guidance of 30 minutes can viewed here.

Survey results for 53 students receiving the green (checking plan) level of guidance of 20 minutes can viewed here.

Survey feedback from students completing the CEC Future Skills Survey

The CEC required all students taking part in funded projects to complete a 'before' and 'after' Future Skills survey, to assess the impact of the project on their skills, understanding and career-readiness. Unfortunately, due to the national lockdown in March 2020, the numbers completing the 'after' survey were greatly down on those completing the 'before survey.

The data below (collated by the University of Derby) shows some headline feedback from those students completing both 'before' and 'after' surveys for the Pathway Planner project:

The vast majority of students learned a little or a lot about the following:

  • Their personality, values and interests
  • Their skills and strengths
  • Jobs they might like to do
  • How to create an action plan

The majority of students also learned a lot about the following:

  • Careers around them
  • Careers in the future
  • Qualifications needed for particular careers they might be interested in
  • What they needed to do to move into the career they were interested in

Additionally, the majority of students reported feeling a lot more:

  • Confident they could be successful in their future careers
  • Confident in succeeding at school
  • Able to make decisions regarding their futures
  • Able to keep trying even when things became difficult
  • Independent
  • Motivated to attend and engage with school/college
  • Motivated to succeed

Finally they enjoyed the programme and the majority of students really felt they benefitted from having someone to talk to about their futures.