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Hot Jobs Downloads

Welcome to the Hot Jobs download page.

Based on user feedback, these packs of 10 jobs now come in 3 sizes:

  • Posters - these are high resolution (around 1MB each) to allow for printing up to A3. The zip file will be in the region of 10-15MB, so please make sure you are on a suitable computer and network before you download.
  • Twitter - these are low resolution (around 200kb each), so ideal for Twitter, Facebook and email newsletters. The zip file will be in the region of 1-2MB.
  • TV - these are HD TV dimensions (around 1MB each) for use on TV displays. Again, the zip file is large (10-15MB) so make sure you're on a suitable computer before you click on the link.

You can also download pre-written text for each job for use on social media and in newsletters, including links to further information and hashtags.

Click on the links below to download the packs and formats you need. 

  • If you use Chrome - the zip files will automatically download to your Download folder.
  • If you use Explorer - you will be given the option to Open, Save or Save As. Choose Save As and navigate to where you want to save them on your hard drive.


This pack includes: Dental Technician, Early-years Teacher, Estate Agent, Make-up Artist, Marine Engineer, Paralegal, Paramedic, Sports Coach, Vet, and Web Developer.

Posters - Pack 1

Twitter - Pack 1

TV - Pack 1

Text and Links - Pack 1


This pack includes: Retail Buyer, Social Worker, Hospital Doctor, Biotechnologist, Physiotherapist, Fashion Designer, Digital Marketing Officer, Solicitor, Countryside Officer, and Animator.

Posters - Pack 2

Twitter - Pack 2

TV - Pack 2

Text and Links - Pack 2 


This pack includes: Youth Worker, Nurse, Aerospace Engineer, Architect, Energy Engineer, Hotel Manager, Nutritionist, Forensic Computer Analyst, Computer Games Developer, and Play Therapist.

Posters - Pack 3

Twitter - Pack 3

TV - Pack 3

Text and Links - Pack